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The Sports Club

Isfahan Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel is one of the luxury hotels in Isfahan that has a beautiful aesthetic and newly built sports complex with complete facilities.

The sports and entertainment complex of Isfahan Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel is active through modern technology with the aim of physical training and creating comfort and focusing on mental health.

In the Sports Club of Isfahan Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel, you can experience hours in a relaxing environment, away from the everyday chaos.

The swimming pool is open at 10:00 to 13:00 for the Ladies and 17:00 to 23:00 for the gentleman.

Isfahan Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel has a well-equipped water complex, which includes a swimming pool, sauna, and massage parlors.

Being one of the most stylish pools in Isfahan, the swimming pool of Isfahan Chaharbagh Hotel has set itself apart from other swimming pools in Isfahan hotels with its unique decorative tilework.

The swimming pool of Isfahan Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel, is considered a luxury pool. Having the best facilities and the cleanest water, our swimming pool is ready to provide happy and energetic moments for esteemed guests of Isfahan Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel as well as dear fellow citizens.

The swimming pool of Isfahan Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel includes the main pool, jacuzzi, children’s pool, dry sauna and steam sauna.

The swimming pool of Isfahan Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel has a coffee shop as well, where you can refresh and relax while using the pool and sauna.

With a unique view facing the swimming pool, the sports club of Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel is ready to provide services to the respected and sports-loving guests.
While having high standards, all the equipment provided in the Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel offer you the best feeling when exercising and using the sports club.
After using the pool and spending time for exercising, nothing like a massage can aid and remove the toxins, as well as relief the body from tiredness of daily life and work.
Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel offers a convenient space and professional masseurs along with the best available lotions and oils. It is a suitable place for the esteemed guests of Luxurious Chaharbagh hotel and dear fellow citizens to use in order to relieve fatigue and muscle cramps.

Experience a different adventure at Chaharbagh Hotel. You may have heard the name, Turkish bath.

Turkish bath is a type of public bath which is strongly related with the Ottoman Empire and especially the Islamic world.

Another type of Turkish bath became very popular during the Victorian era (1837-1901) as a method of cleanliness and relaxation.

The Turkish bath is very similar to the hot water baths of the ancient Roman Empire.

As our dear respected guests in Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel, you can use the services of this complex by entering the sports club area and going to the Turkish bath.