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The Spotna Restaurant of Isfahan Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel

Isfahan Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel is an ideal place to serve appetizing meals for hotel guests and the public.

Whether you are looking for eye-catching and authentic Iranian cuisine or you want to try different international dishes, Isfahan Chaharbagh Hotel is the best option for you. The Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel has two main restaurants, Spotna Restaurant of Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel is the ideal place to serve tasteful Iranian cuisine while Firoozeh Restaurant of Chaharbagh Hotel serves and offers European dishes.

Spotna Restaurant of Isfahan Chaharbagh Hotel is located on the ground floor of Chaharbagh Hotel and it has the magnificent view of the hotel lobby. We provide meals with high quality as well as excellent customer service at Spotna Restaurant of Isfahan Chaharbagh Hotel.

The unique architecture of the Spotna Restaurant of Isfahan Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel is a combination of traditional and modern art. Suitable tables and chairs, magnetic paintings of the scenic areas in Isfahan, etc. are among the features in the Spotna restaurant of The Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel , which has been able to provide a pleasant environment for welcoming our dear hotel guests.

At Spotna restaurant of the luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel, a variety of Iranian dishes including Kebabs, stews, the famous Isfahan’s Beryan, Isfahan Khoresh-e Mast (a type of delicious dessert made with Lamb neck,Yogurt and Saffron) , various salads and appetizers are served.

With the capacity of 170 quests, the Spotna restaurant of Chaharbagh Hotel has become a pleasant place for large families to enjoy their meal with joy and a better sensation.

The Spotna restaurant of Isfahan Luxurious Chaharbagh Hotel is open at 12:30 – 03:30 PM for lunch and 07:30 – 10:30 PM for dinner .

آیا امکان استفاده از رستوران برای عموم مردم است؟

بله، رستوران های هتل مجلل چهارباغ اصفهان آماده ارائه خدمات و سرو غذا برای عموم مردم است.

ظرفیت رستوران های هتل چقدر است ؟

هم رستوران اسپاتنا 170 نفر و هم رستوران فیروزه 170 نفر ظرفیت سالن دارند. که در مجموع ظرفیت این دو رستوران 340 نفر می باشد.

تفاوت رستوران فیروزه و رستوران اسپاتنا چیست؟

در رستوران اسپاتنا معماری سنتی جلوه خاصی به فضا داده است، نقاشی آثار تاریخی اصفهان نیز از ویژگی های اصلی این رستوران است. همچنین در این رستوران غذاهای ایرانی سرو میشود.

رستوران فیروزه هتل مجلل چهارباغ اصفهان در نیم طبقه قرار گرفته و داری فضای مدرن و امروزی است. وعده صبحانه و همچنین غذاهای بین المللی در این رستوران سرو می شود.